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Showreel for the ArtEZ Bachelor Dance Artist 

Communication Design

Video Production


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Our mission was to construct a promotional showreel for the ArtEZ Bachelor Dance Artist program, encapsulating the essence of motion and personal expression.


The primary challenge involved creating a visually dynamic showreel that could weave together archive and self-shot footage, reflecting the dialogue between body movement and narration.


We teamed up with Ana-Maria Gusu to develop a visually compelling showreel. By meticulously choosing and syncing clips with students' spoken experiences, we underscored the importance of each artist choreographing their own movements. The showreel was characterized by a variety of camera angles, close-ups, and wide shots that showcased the diverse range of movement and emotion demonstrated by the students. We blended music pieces from prior performances to form a new composition, with footage editing informed by the rhythm and pace of the music. To complement the dancers' movements, we introduced descriptive words like "grow" and "interact" into the performance environment, primarily on the dance floor. We ensured the color transitions were as fluid and natural as the dance movements themselves. Various editing techniques such as cuts, crossfades, and speed adjustments were used to boost the fluidity and resonance of the showreel, with text overlays used sparingly to allow the visuals and audio to command attention.

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