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Studio Konek is a young graphic design studio based in the Netherlands, founded by Ekaterina Konovalova and Pascal Burgers.

︎ Pascal Burgers

a graphic designer adept at coding, typography, video, and writing to create interdisciplinary work that addresses modern topics. His design philosophy emphasizes simplicity, functionality, and beauty to solve complex problems, with
a belief that good design should be accessible to all and appliable to everything

︎ Ekaterina Konovalova

a visual designer who loves storytelling. She merges analog and digital elements to create captivating visuals that promote reflection. Focused on design research,
she crafts effective solutions, welcoming viewer interpretations for engaging and inclusive designs.

︎ We aim to create conscious design solutions.

︎ We believe that design research is a critical aspect of design process. Combining various investigation methods, we create not only effective solutions, but more importantly - meanings.

︎ We see our design as a way to merge art and commerce, helping to overcome communication challenges.

︎ We constantly question the boundaries of graphic design, including its potential for sustainability. In an industry often centred around creating something 'new', we take a different approach. We focus on 'saturating the existing with meaning', a principle that leads us to work with what's already there and elevate it to new heights. We add value, save resources, and provide designs that evolve with time, serving our clients long into the future.

︎ We work with a wide range of mediums. Using emerging technologies and utilising data-driven design methodologies, we ensure our designs connect with our clients' target audiences in a valuable way. This approach delivers specific benefits to our clients: cost-efficiency, adaptability, and longevity of designs.

︎ We specialise in conceptual and visual development, creating custom visual identities, designing engaging publications, producing clear data visualisations, and developing immersive digital media experiences.

︎ We believe that design is a tool for creating a sustainable and meaningful future. By questioning traditional methods, committing to research and pushing for sustainable practices, Our studio craft thoughtful, effective, and conscious design solutions.


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Key Services:

  1. Design Research: In-depth analysis to inform design decisions.

    2.    Visual Identity: Custom logos, branding elements and typography.

    3.    Publication Design: Engaging print and digital publications.

Data Visualization: Crisp, engaging infographics, charts, and artistic data representations.

Digital Media: Eye-catching content for websites and social media.

Immersive Digital Experiences: Interactive and engaging digital media experiences.

UI/UX Design: Intuitive interfaces for websites using the Cargo.

Type Design: Custom typeface design for various applications, beyond just branding.

Video and Motion Graphics: Creative video work, including showreels, promotional content, and engaging animations for digital platforms.
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