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Henri Burgers' Artwork Showcase Website 

Web Design


︎ Website;


Our objective is to design an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly website that showcases visual artist Henri Burgers' latest artworks and archival materials. This project is currently ongoing.


The task involves closely collaborating with Henri to accurately translate his unique vision into a website design. His distinctive artistic style, characterized by layering wax to create textured and intricate pieces, demands a website design that emphasizes the tactile and organic nature of his work.

Solution (In Progress):

To highlight the tactile and organic nature of Henri's work, we are in the process of designing a minimalist yet playful website layout. It features large text and a dark and bright blue color palette, reflecting the hues predominant in his art. The planned website will present each artwork with a high-resolution image, supplemented by a brief description outlining Henri's inspiration and creative process. To provide an engaging browsing experience, we plan to incorporate interactive features like slideshows to display the range of artworks. A contact form will be included to simplify communication between visitors and Henri.

Current Status:

We have drafted a website layout that harmoniously bridges the gap between the physical, handmade aspect of Henri's art and the digital platform where it is exhibited. The minimalistic design elements aim to highlight the unique features of his art while keeping the site user-friendly.

Next Steps:

As the project unfolds, we will persist in our collaboration with Henri to fine-tune the design and functionality of the website. Our objective is to deliver a final product that elegantly showcases his art in an accessible format, enriched with interactive elements to boost user engagement. We believe that, once completed, the website will serve as a vital tool for Henri to form new connections and advance his professional journey.

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