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Sentiment Gallery, exhibition curated by «Slavs and Tatars»

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Our mission was to create a visual identity for the group exhibition curated by Slavs and Tatars' Pickle Bar, which explores the invited artists' epochs amidst the cult of personality, individualism, and its repression on collective bodies.


The main challenge stemmed from the need to complement a lengthy title with a singular, meaningful visual element that could effectively encapsulate the intricate themes of the exhibition.


We approached the challenge by engaging in thorough symbol research and sketching, eventually choosing the stork, the national bird of the home country, as the central symbol. This choice served to echo the complex themes of the exhibition in a visually engaging and thought-provoking manner. The red and white stork presented an alternate symbolism to the traditional flag, encouraging a reconsideration of symbols detached from narrow nationalism and instead tied to diverse themes like exhaustion, hospitality, club, and queer culture.

Note: this project was created by Ekaterina during her internship at Slavs and Tatars, Berlin and the process was curated by them. 

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