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Schijn, Dance Performance

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The primary objective of the "Schijn" graphic design project was to create a striking moving poster that successfully promoted and encapsulated Daria Titova's solo dance performance. The design aimed to accentuate themes such as transformation, interplay of meaning, movement, narrative, and the cyclic nature of life, with the intention of stirring interest and enticing potential audience members.


The key challenge lay in translating the performance's themes, artistic aims, and overall atmosphere into a visually compelling and intriguing design that would draw attention while preserving a sense of mystery.


Our approach to the "Schijn" moving poster's design was deeply rooted in the performance's themes and objectives. We created a dynamic visual narrative using curvilinear forms, symbolizing the fluidity of dance and the synergy between light and the human body. These shapes were strategically placed in a rhythmic composition, offering fleeting insights into the performance before dissolving back into the background, thereby maintaining the viewer's intrigue. We chose a color scheme inspired by the performance's themes of enlightenment and transformation. Employing varying shades of blues and purples gave the design a sense of depth and added to the enigmatic aura. This visual narrative was carefully orchestrated to not only captivate the viewers but also to entice them to engage deeper with the "Schijn" dance performance's themes and ambitions.

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