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Our goal was to craft a visually captivating and intuitive portfolio website for Ekaterina Konovalova, spotlighting her work and emphasizing the artistic quality of her pieces.


The primary task involved creating a design with a striking visual impact and a seamless user experience, ensuring that the artist's work was showcased effectively while being easy to navigate for the users.


In the design process, we made strategic decisions to optimize visuals and user experience. We utilized a gallery-style layout for the homepage and deployed hover effects to disclose project titles and succinct descriptions. An archive-grid format on the index page streamlined navigation of projects, ensuring usability. We applied a consistent site-wide layout to facilitate understanding. Interactivity was heightened with draggable pages, and attention to micro-details, such as a hand-shaped favicon symbolizing "HAND in the portfolio," added a distinctive touch. A consistent color scheme and typography were used to ensure a harmonious visual experience, with subtle animations and transitions enhancing the browsing journey.  

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