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Fruitful Space: Full of Fruits 

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Our objective was to integrate the rules of "Mutual Respect", formulated by the department into the ArtEZ Dance Department program, fostering a supportive, cooperative environment for both students and staff.


The primary challenge was to devise a way to communicate the program's principles to guest teachers in an engaging, effective manner.


We conceptualized the "Fruitful Space Full of Fruits" idea to promote a culture of active participation and trust. This involved designing a ritual that exchanged fruits carrying written messages or wishes, a practice that enhanced positive behavior and trust while ensuring the program's rules were visible and understood. To amplify this concept, we created lively fruit illustrations that added a playful element to the visual identity. The primary poster exhibited a clear and legible layout, displaying all rules with succinct descriptions. We also designed animated illustrations for social media posts. These animations gracefully staged the fruits performing dance steps, each showcasing only a few rules to ensure readability and to avoid information overload.

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