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Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus

Book Design


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The task was to honor the original 1818 edition of Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin's Frankenstein by emphasizing her authentic writing, often overshadowed by subsequent editions and edits introduced by her husband, Percy Shelley.


The main hurdle was to distinguish between Mary's original work and the alterations made by Percy, and to present this distinction in a visually compelling and clear way.


Following extensive research to identify the disparities between the original text and Percy's modifications, we crafted a design that would strike through Percy's edits, reinstating Mary's original prose. Careful consideration was given to typography and layout to maintain clarity and readability, while spotlighting the raw, untouched essence of Mary's narrative. In the book design, both Mary's and Percy's biographies were featured on the cover of each quire, with a timeline illustrating how their personal experiences shaped the birth of Frankenstein. The layout and typography choices were made to accentuate the contrast between the original content and the revisions, drawing readers into the unique cadence of Mary's narrative voice.

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