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ArtEZ Dance Artist End Performances

Communication Design


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      - instastories post;
      - email signature.


Our objective was to conceive a visual identity for the 2022 End Performances of the ArtEZ Dance Artist bachelor program. This identity needed to embody the central theme of "monster" and drive a broad marketing campaign promoting the theater performances.


The main challenge was to visually encapsulate the "monster" theme in a way that was unique, compelling, and representative of the performances, and then translate this identity into a successful marketing campaign.


Our design process involved merging extra arms and legs into a composition of intertwined dancers to symbolize the "monster" theme. This provided a unique, dynamic visual identity that captured the essence of the performances. To further the reach of this identity, we crafted a comprehensive marketing campaign including social media posts, email signatures, and promotional posters for theater performances across Arnhem, Nijmegen, and The Hague. This strategy not only highlighted the unique visual design but also ensured broad audience engagement.

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