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Our task was to reimagine the 70th issue of the OASE journal. The challenge was to examine the relationship between literary reflection and architectural discourse, complying with specifications like dual-language content, A3 format, and a non-bound design.


The major obstacle was to construct a unique design that could encapsulate both Dutch and English content while resonating with the intricate relationship between literature and architecture.


We created a concept reminiscent of an architect's folder, encompassing elements like sketches, plans, and drawings. To seamlessly house the bilingual content, the text was printed on graph paper characteristic of architect's drafts, while images were printed on tracing paper and assembled in configurations inspired by architectural layouts. Tactility was given priority, with three different types of paper used to create varied textures. A slightly coarse grey cover was chosen to echo construction materials like stone or concrete, strengthening the link between literary and architectural themes. This firm structure was paired with a more agile typographical composition on the cover, creating a dynamic and engaging visual presentation.

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